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At Lyon Global, we specialize in expert consulting that transforms challenges into opportunities. Whether you’re navigating complex marketing strategies, operational improvements, or navigating public relations crises, our worldwide team of experts is here to guide you. We blend deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge strategies to deliver solutions that are not just effective, but transformative.

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Thomas Lyon

Thomas Lyon’s journey began in the pastoral landscapes of Western New York, where early ambitions set the stage for a distinguished career. Thomas studied at SUNY and Rochester Institute of Technology, leveraging a wealth of real-world experiences to forge his path in corporate America. His professional tenure includes strategic and operational roles at major organizations such as Sallie Mae, the US Department of Education, The Walt Disney Company, Choice Hotels International, Six Flags, and Global Medical Response.

A seasoned expert in operations with substantial expertise in Computer Information Systems/Management Information Systems (CIS/MIS) and marketing, Thomas has adeptly integrated these diverse fields to propel innovation and assertive leadership. He is a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA), a designation that underscores his deep understanding of the hospitality industry's dynamics and demands. His strategic acumen is complemented by a profound ability to leverage technology and marketing insights, ensuring that operational efficiencies and marketing initiatives work seamlessly to drive business success.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Thomas is an enthusiastic public speaker, presenter, and trainer, actively involved with the National MS Society and the American Cancer Society. He also imparts his knowledge at the Wyoming County Fast Track and Business Accelerator Academy, nurturing the next generation of business leaders.

Thomas is currently penning his first book, "The 20/20 Principle: 20 Guidelines For Greatness," which encapsulates his principles for success. Influenced by crisis management expert Judy Smith, the strategic acumen of Josh Lyman (a character from the television series "The West Wing"), and the crisis-handling prowess of Olivia Pope (from the TV show "Scandal"), along with the unwavering support of his family, Thomas’s life is a testament to the power of perseverance and vision.

When not strategizing in the boardroom, Thomas indulges his passion for travel, music concerts, and theatre productions, continually drawing inspiration from each new experience.


Claire Cordeta-Lyon

Born and raised in the picturesque region of Biliran in the Philippines, Claire brings a unique blend of international experience and local insight to Lyon Global. After earning her degree in Marketing from the University of Makati, Claire embarked on a distinguished career with global powerhouses such as Avon Cosmetics, Ayala Land, Federal Land, Bench Apparel Company, and SM Development Corporation (SMDC), shaping her into a formidable force in the business consulting world.

Claire's expertise spans a vast array of areas including real estate, international property law, and Southeast Asian/Pacific real estate transactions, making her a vital asset to clients navigating these complex markets. Now based in New York, she continues to apply her extensive knowledge and passion for problem-solving to help our clients achieve and exceed their strategic goals.

Outside the office, Claire is an avid traveler, constantly seeking new experiences and insights to bring into her professional life and share with the Lyon Global team.


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